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Is your diagnosis in question?

July 30th, 2007 | Category: Insights

In this posting Dr. Des will give you insight into your spiritual health. Having used this model  found in Dr. Kennedy’s book “Evangelism Explosion III” many times, I know what most peoples answers are going to be. Therefore your answer, in light of God’s Word will be exposed to His Truth.

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No matter what the outcome of your answer is, I have good news!  It will unfold in the weeks to come and you to will know the certainty of eternal life.

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A you ready for a spiritual diagonstic?

July 23rd, 2007 | Category: Motivation

Dr. Des is all about being motivated on a daily basis, but, many of us are just not ready to receive these insights. Therefore, it maybe time for a “Spiritual health checkup” don’t you think? Many times in our lives i.e., from infancy to adulthood we have physical problems and are in need of medical care. The physician will diagnose our sickness and prescribe medication for us.  Since this is a reality in our lives, do you not think that our Spirits can get sick too and in need of healing?  I would like to motivate you this week to examine your spirituality by answering two questions to see if you are as healthy as you think you are!

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Or, are you in dire need of being healed spiritually too?

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The simplicity of prayer Jer. 33:3 & Phil. 4:19

July 08th, 2007 | Category: Scriptures

I am a man of prayer and I really enjoy being in the presence of the Lord. This is a place of making one’s requests known to Him and how awesome it is, He being the Creator of everything, is willing to take time out of His schedule to make time for His creation, is too wonderful for me. Prayer is where you make your requests known to Him; it is also the place of telling Him of your love for Him out of a heart of thanksgiving.

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Here too is where you will hear Him speak and guide you in your daily living. This is the place where God’s army marches on it’s knees. I welcome you to take time out of your busy schedule this week to spend time with Him on a daily basis, expect to be changed!

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Encountering problems on a daily basis?

July 02nd, 2007 | Category: Insights

Just when you think that you are doing alright, wham the car won’t start or your boat stalls out on the lake or the boss changes the rules ~ he gave you t

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he needed promotion and then goes out of business. We call this the “School of hard knocks”. Everyday is a challenge and we continually lose our cool and then Western union locations wonder why this always happens. Watch the video posting and hopefully it will give you some insight into life so that next time you can face a trial or challenge you will know that it is for your good.

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