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Motivational Insights by Dr Des

Sep 10

Giving God first place in your lives

Category: Motivation

Many of us wonder why it is necessary to give of our finances to the work of God. To the Church, para-church organizations, missions etc. Some of us even have a difficulty with going to church or watching a Christian TV program because “they are always asking for money!”
Dr. Des will tell you the reasons why you Moneygram fees should give and how to enjoy giving and being a blessing to others even outside the church. You will understand fully that it is not only the church that requires one to give but even the other religions require this practice.

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Believe it or not but so do most governments around the world. So let’s go and see this weeks posting about being a generous giver.

icon for podpressicon for podpress  Giving God first place in your lives [4:58m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (206)

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