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Motivational Insights by Dr Des

Sep 24

Now that you are tithing don’t forget you need to give offerings too!

Category: Scriptures

In Malachi 3:8 we see that God says that we need to “Test” Him. This is the only place in the Bible where God gives you His permission to do just that. Maybe you are perplexed at this statement coming from God of Heaven and Earth and you maybe asking yourself “How do I test Him?” You would do that by firstly believing that He is going to bless you when you do what He says and secondly, you will be taking your finances putting God to the test that He will honor His Word to you who believe. You will find in this section of Scripture that it is not only tithing that he says you must do but also offerings and this word is plural since it has to do with more than one. We find in 1 Cor. that Paul is instructing the believers to give “Thanksgiving Offerings” and in Deut. we also find that there are another type of offering to give and that is Alms to the poor. In this weeks posting Dr.

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Des is going to encourage you on the first one and next week he will deal with the second. So, let’s go and hear what he has to say this week . . . .

icon for podpressicon for podpress  Now that you are tithing don't forget you need to give offerings too! [3:09m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (202)

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