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Motivational Insights by Dr Des

Jun 11

Jer. 31:16-17

Category: Insights

To the parents of children who have been raised in the church and in later life departed from their roots, here is

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a true testimony of how God spoke to me early one morning while in a time of deep distress and anguish.  This is going to give you insight into how God cares for you and your family. This posting will motivate you to spend time at his feet on a daily basis and learn to hear or discern his voice, when he speaks to you.

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2 Responses to “Jer. 31:16-17”

  1. repus Says:

    I just wanted to test the new open commenting system and text verification thing too…

  2. SANTA Says:

    Hey Des, I was talking about you guys (meaning your family) with my mom and i showed her your site (She is computer illiterate) and she really enjoyed what you have said this past week. Because that happened to us with one of my older brothers and God brought him back. So she very much enjoyed what you said because God held true to his word and come through. Thanks again Des, and keep those coming.

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