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God speaks to His people in the Bible, right! He still speaks to His people today as well.

October 25th, 2007 | Category: Scriptures

When you are reading Scriptures you will find that God spoke to his people at various times throughout the Bible. It was His desire that the recipients would follow the instructions as it was given to them. Many times the recipients decided to do it their way ie, to doubt the Word they had received and God dealt with their unbelief accordingly but those who believed, eg Mary the mother Coinstar locations of Jesus, were blessed. Dr. Des’ s fir

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st experience in hearing the Word of God happened early one morning. He was in prayer and meditating on the Scriptures when the Spirit of God called Dr. Des into the ministry. Dr. Des will fill you in in this posting as to what happened and how it came about and how you too can expect to hear the Spirit of God speak to you.

icon for podpressicon for podpress  God speaks to His people in the Bible, right! He still speaks to His people today as well. [4:39m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (848)
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Moses sends out the twelve spies, ten doubt and two believe God’s promises

October 25th, 2007 | Category: Insights

Here is an example of how people tend to respond to the spoken Word (Rhema -God breathed living Word or revelation) of God and the costly outcome of their unbelief. Jesus said that new wine needs to be poured into new wine skins because if it is poured into old wine skins will burst and all will be lost. Therefore, in this posting Dr. Des is going to motivate you in your thinking, ie to have a paradigm shift. To change one’s worldly way of thinking and renewing the mind to be a possibility thinker and move in a new direction for you life. This move toward what God has called you to do will be a challenge, and the Devil will try to steal this word by trying to make you doubt

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what God has said. Just like he did in the Garden of Eden.

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“Peace with God” or “Peace of God” that is the question!

October 08th, 2007 | Category: Insights

In this life peace is very illusive. One minute one has it and the next it is gone! Is it possible to have peace no matter what circumstances one finds oneself in? Since most of us operate on a “I feel good today basis” and therefore peaceful, we hope against all odds that the bottom of our world is not going to fall out in the next couple of minutes or hours and “l (we are peaceful) and the next moment our world seems to collapse in on itself (no peace). How can this be? Listen there is hope and this week Dr Des is going to explain to you that there is a ‘peace that surpasses our understanding’ and it is available in the here and now, today! So let’s go and get a glimpse of the peace that we so desperately need to get us through our daily living.

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Tithes + offerings = God’s Protection. But, alms + poor = God’s Multiplication

October 01st, 2007 | Category: Insights

The above equation is really how the God of the Bible works. If we are obedient to give our tithes and offerings, as He says in Malachi 3:8-12,  He says He will protect our source of supply and keep the devourer from us, that is, we have His protection on all that we have been blessed with.  But did you know that when you take of your sustenance and generously give to the poor you will be loaning to God (Proverbs 19:17) and oh the interest (paraphrased)!!  Over the past couple of weeks Dr. Des has been doing a series on giving and when he teaches it is from his experiences.

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He is not talking about “pie in the sky” but the reality of his giving and the examples the Holy Spirit has taught him.  This week he is going to share two examples of what happened in his life which will be a way you too can glean from his experiences and apply it to your life.  When Jesus says that a person has ‘good eyes’ what does he mean?  Enough said, let’s go and see this weeks posting. . . . .

icon for podpressicon for podpress  Tithes + offerings = God's Protection. But, alms + poor = God's Multiplication [6:30m]: Play Now | Play in Popup | Download (579)
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